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Returns Policy

Here at FES we try and keep everything simple and easy to understand there are two main reasons for a return of goods request.

1. Return because of a warranty issue

a. The goods must be returned back to FES at your cost in a clean condition with a simple report on the possible warranty claim. if it is found to be a genuine warranty, FES will put good with a brand new part and return it to you as soon as possible.

b. Wearing parts are generally not covered by warranty, unless the part fails on initial start up or it is obvious it is a manufacturing fault, the reason below.

c. Most all claims for warranty on wearing parts are mainly due to operator error, examples of this are running the equipment dry when there is no fluid at the suction side, causing the equipment to speed up which then can cause premature wear. Not flushing through the equipment after a shift/weekend/holiday break, with the fluid in the equipment drying out especially if the fluid is of a setting solid type. This type of claim is not covered by warranty and at the customers cost.

2. Return for other reasons than a warranty claim

a. If fes has recommended a part number for an item that is not correct or the item is not the correct one due to a part number error, the item has to be returned to fes and the correct item sent as soon as possible at FES cost.

b. If the item is the correct one and has been ordered especially from Europe or the States, then this item cannot be returned.

c. If the item has been sold from stock, then we will accept it back with a full refund providing the box or packet has not been opened or damaged.

d, If the equipment has been split apart by the customer, and assembled the wrong way this cannot be returned.


If there is any part of our returns policy that you are not sure of or require clarification, then please fill out our “contact us” form found on the website.